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We uncover and implement the right solution, at the right time, in the right way, and ensure that it works.

The Helicon is an association that was established in 2016 by a group of like-minded Information Communications Technologies professionals.

Almost before you can dream up new technology for information and communication services, it has been developed and implemented. In fact, change within information and communication technology (ICT) is now so rapid, it is impossible to keep up and still run an innovative organisation.

To navigate through this vast array of new technology, and then implement the solution that works best for a particular business is no small feat, and many organisations have neither the time nor the expertise to undertake the task.

Increasingly, organisations are turning to partners to help them navigate through the ICT maze. The Helicon is able to offer possible solutions to the business ICT issues and problems and this covers a spectrum of services and solutions, for example, the implementation of the physical infrastructure, network design, network integration, data centre design, cloud solutions, centralised command centres, issues analysis, to training and technical support.

The Helicon is able to offer the whole spectrum of related services within the business and ICT components:

The Helicon is also able to do comprehensive audits and reporting on related ICT components and infrastructure and is able to provide both strategic and tactical input to the business, if required. We are also able and willing to source specific components and skills should the required deliverable not be available within the current Helicon stable at a particular time provided that there is a mutual benefit to all parties concerned.

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