Andy is the CEO and owner of Brautech Innovation, a company that provides consulting services for renewable energy, and information and communications related technologies.

He is a visionary with excellent communication skills, and he knows how to verbalise his vision and goals and can explain them to his team. In addition to sharing his vision for the future, he is also an active listener, and as more people catch the vision, he listens to their ideas and thoughts, incorporating them into the larger goal.

While many leaders have administrators that manage processes, Andy sets up an organisation by establishing key roles and functions. Andy will take the time build a solid foundation through instituting the appropriate skills, processes, and the support infrastructure to realise what he has in mind.

He has a knack for inspiring others to action in order to create a better future and solve problems in new ways. Andy's leadership style creates excitement and positive momentum in an organisation and people enjoy working for him because he truly want them to reach their full potential and find meaning in their work.

Some executive roles


In my books, Andy is a genuine genius, one of the few with an interesting ability to see the next curve beyond that one we're all gazing at on the horizon. While we dream of what that second curve represents, Andy is already evangelising the benefits, use cases and is exploring that technology, today. It's an experience I will never trade nor discount. Continue enlightening the world in your journey. Joe Maseko Chief Information Officer ~ Imperial Parts

If you have not met Andy you are missing an amazing experience - his "can do" attitude and genius mind set is captivating. Touching the Future Today - his tag line, is exactly what he stands for as a person. Rex van Schalkwyk ~ Lean Agility Facilitator

Andy knows everything about everything technical, as well as the relevance of technology in business. He is an expert in open-source, anything communications- or voice related, and is a strategic thinker with a deep business understanding. In all my IT experience, I have never come across a more committed, focused individual with the capacity to deliver at the level that he does. Leslie Barry ~ Director at Exponential Innovation, Board Member at Phoria