Cobey Fire has been a leading force in the fire protection industry for over 20 years and offer a complete fire protection service. Because we understand the science of fire, we can present the best advice and solutions to protect people, property, assets, and the environment.

Our recommended range of top quality fire protection equipment and services are endorsed by the South African standards authorities - and our maintenance contracts warrant that your equipment is always ready for use in an emergency.

Cobey Fire's hands-on experience, our wealth of industry appropriate training, and the correct certifications ensure that we are ideally positioned to address your fire related requirements; including prevention, detection, and suppression, and any other related ancillary requirements that you may have. Our professional commitment is the key that we base our ethical principles and values on. We spend the time to really understand your requirements and always ensure that we deliver a quality, fit for purpose solution.


In order for combustion to take place oxygen levels in a given environment must be over 15% to 16% by volume. The Cobey Fire designed FireSAFE system purposefully maintains an oxygen level suitable for human occupation, but low enough to ensure the prevention of ignition in the first instance.

It is really that simple!

  • The system prevents pre-ignition thus no fire, providing maximum protection for property and persons.
  • Reduced levels of Oxygen also provide the added benefit of reducing oxidation in environments such as food storage and preparation, and document archives.
  • The system runs continuously which means no doubt about the level of protection you are receiving.
  • Provides 24-hour fire prevention.
  • No high pressure storage tanks – no risk of any unwanted fire suppression discharges.
  • The oxygen is regulated - ensures sage levels at all times
  • Collateral damage is minimised - no risk of any incipient fires, or damage caused by sprinklers or fire suppression gas discharges
  • Smoke damage is not possible - no combustion at the reduced oxygen levels
  • Ease of installation, low maintenance costs, no pressure testing required
  • Zero down time - no gas to replace