About CWF Services

Christo Farmer is a detail-oriented senior project- and programme manager with 45+ years of experience, maximising productivity across multimillion-rand projects and programmes, facilitating quick ROI with strategic solutions, and managing successful projects and programmes through the program lifecycle using PMI methodologies.

He managed numerous ICT programmes and projects on various development platforms, i.e. (IBM mainframes and mid-range, client server); on network installations Copper, fibre, RF, VSAT); on hardware hosting and deployments in Data Centres; on cyber defence systems; on construction projects (3 VSAT Teleport installations); on SW development and package installations; and on software interface development projects to interface between SAP modules and other installed SW applications.

Christo assisted with the establishment and improvement of Strategic Project Offices (SPOs) as well as various Project Management Offices (PMOs), and improved policies, processes and procedures for numerous companies to eliminate redundancies, to save costs and to automate some for faster turnaround and cost savings.

Additional qualifications

Diploma in Datametrics (UNISA)

Mobile App Development (Shaw Academy)

Advanced Mobile App Development (Shaw Academy)

Web Development Diploma (Shaw Academy)

Some clients and employers