Hendrik is a founder-associate at The Helicon, and is an experienced all-round ICT professional with over 30 years of extensive experience and knowledge in networking, and is familiar with both WAN and LAN technologies such as VSAT, IP, VoIP, SIP, TDM, Microwave backhaul (TDM and IP), Point to Multipoint Wireless, Multiplexing, Wi-Fi, IoT, and NGN migration.

About twoobii

Professional Users, Small Businesses, remote office operations and retail operations can now all experience the benefits of reliable broadband services and permanent connectivity to the cloud and business services.

Using the benefits of the most advanced High Throughput Satellite fleet, twoobii offers you a range of data rates and service bundles, all within your operational cost budgets.

We service users in 'off-grid' locations that need to do business in poorly connected areas. If you are in one of the following industries:

  • Hotels, lodges and game reserves.

  • Clinics, emergency operations and mobile stations.

  • On-demand expo and event services, sport, music and industrial.

  • Commercial farmers, doctors, service industry.

  • Schools, libraries, in-store hotspots.

  • Agri-stations, water management, service points

  • Custom and Excise offices, shipping agents.

  • Banking branches, ATMs and Point-of-Sale services

Chances are good that we can help you with an affordable, reliable satellite connected solution!

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