Tanja designs and implements fibre infrastructure solutions tailored to customer's specific requirements, and works closely with her team to ensure proper build and deployment of all solutions. Having joined the telecommunications industry in 2000, Tanja is the first and only woman in Africa qualified as an RCDD.

She is known for her meticulous attention to detail, which helps in both installing fibre optic cables correctly and quickly pinpointing issues during service calls. She has worked in the installer, designer, project lead, and mentor roles, which has helped her develop good communication skills when training new employees and explaining issues to non-technical staff.

Tanja is an expert in splicing, cleaving, cleaning of fibres and quality assurance inspection of quality work, and handled custom projects for creating assemblies with fibre optics (splitter modules, ribbon fan-outs, data reports). Tanja has specialist, up-to-date experience with the design and installation of FTTx broadband services in residential/business premises, where she self-audits all work and ensures that it meets all applicable technical and operational quality standards.

Her outward attitude ensures her focus on the customer's requirements and compliance with all required processes and procedures, and a proactive approach in the resolution of engineering obstacles.

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